How to rotate an IP address

Why should I care?

When many requests are sent to a website from the same IP, the website can tag the IP used as a crawler and send misleading information or block you. Periodically changing, or rotating, your IP address helps prevent a target site from identifying your IP as a crawler. Rotating your IPs can drop your failure rate below 1%.

How do I rotate my IP address?

With its easy-to-use proxy manager, Luminati allows you to control:

  • Number of requests permitted before changing the IP
  • Amount of time between IP changes
  • Quantity of IPs in your rotation pool

Guidelines for rotating your IP address with Luminati:

  • Sign up for Luminati
  • Contact Luminati’s support team and ask for access to the residential IP network
  • Once activated, install the Luminati proxy manager from GitHub. We recommend you watch this guide for a smooth start
  • Go to the ‘proxies’ tab
  • Click on the proxy you want to edit, then on the edit button.
  • Browse rotation options under “Preset” or “IP Policy”
  • Route your requests to{portnum} where {portnum} is the port of the residential zone